Jig Workshop 1.9.13 Sharing Jigs Privately and Securely

Jig Workshop 1.9.13

Release date: 29/05/2020

Jig Workshop Pro users

  • This update contains a big new feature for our Workshop Pro users: Secure sharing!

  • All the Jigs you create from now on will be private by default. This means only yourself and people you invite via email from the Jig Dashboard will be able to view them.

  • Of course, you have the option to enable “Public link sharing” from the Jig Info panel, which will allow anyone with a link to the Jig to access it, like before.

Opening Jigs from links

Opening a link shared with you in Jig Workshop is easy as the following 3 steps.

Updates for all Jig Workshop Users

  • Opening a public or ‘unlisted’ Jig link will no longer require you to login, or even have an account. So share away :slight_smile:

  • Performance improvement for older devices

  • UI changes and optimisations: all buttons and icons should now look much smoother

  • Various bug fixes.

As always, if you need Help & Support or have feedback and ideas for us, please let us know.