Jig steam need help!

I’m making a steam punk like jig town! But I need YOUR help:
Awnser the questions that I post. Also posts from me will be limited, I will only be able to post at 7 11:45 and after 3.

The first question is what is your characters name and what outfit do you wear.

My characters name is Nina and she wears an orange dress :grin:

If it’s steam punk I would like to be a robot called Radar, with a big antenna for hearing radio waves.
As a robot I’m not sure if my character needs clothes or not.

Ok cool!
So now the next thing I need to know is what do you like for breakfast lunch and dinner, oh also what do you like to eat at the theatre?

Radar likes to eat Pancakes for breakfast, a Sandwich for lunch and Lasagna for dinner.
At the theatre he eats ice-cream.

Great! I am at work of everything, to be soon done.

I like to eat cereal in the morning and soup for lunch, and finally, pizza for dinner. I also like to eat popcorn at the theatre. :smiley:


So I have one thing, I need house plans for everyone, because the theatre is almost ready the food is ready the characters are ready but we need houses for the characters!

Ok Radar lives in a sideways house with a slopey roof. :smiley:

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Nicola - Radars my robot :rofl:
I want him to live in a round house. Something short since he’s so little.

Whoops sorry. :sweat_smile:
I was scrolling through and got confused.
Nina has an orange dress but I think radar is orange now.
Nina lives in a house with a slopey roof.

Ok so, radars house is done! I have the link here for you to see. https://pro.jig.space/jv1V5kKiQbb

I’m working on ninas house although I it’s is sorta hard but I think I will get it :laughing:

And ninas house is done! Here it is! https://pro.jig.space/P4TeBGgkQbb

Ok now I need to make transportation, so your first ship is free but you will have to pay for the others. You can send me a idea for your first ship I will also be taking ideas for payed ships! And I need to make a currency to so I can take ideas for that too.

Happy jigging!