Importing different file formats

Hi folks!
I was playing around with my 3D scanner (Intel Realsence) and Artec Studio and have made some 3d models that I want to import into Jig Workshop but faced with the problem: what should I do if some files have been saved in .stl file format and a couple of others have BLEND extension (I was uploading some 3D scans to Blender for editing and exporting them to BLEND format)? Sorry if the question comes up stupid but do I really have to re-scan my 3D models?

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Hi Olmer. :grin:

Your 3D scans sound really interesting. We don’t support .BLEND files, but we do support the .OBJ format. Luckily Blender can export to the .OBJ format, so once you open the .BLEND files in Blender you can select the model and then export by going to File>Export>Wavefront (.obj) .

In our model import guidelines it contains the settings that you should use when exporting an .OBJ file from Blender: Jig Workshop: 3D Model Import Guidelines

If you need help importing your .OBJ files to the Workshop feel free to also watch this tutorial: Import your own 3D models into Jig Workshop

For importing .STL models, at the start of next week we will be launching our new Jig Workshop Pro subscription. When you are part of Jig Workshop Pro you’ll be able to import the .STL and .STEP model formats. Once available you can sign up for a 14 day free trial period.

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Thanks for the fast reply @Laura! Wohoo, we’ve some really qreat news here. Importing .STL and .STEP files sounds perfect especially in 14 day trial version!

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