Importing Decal from STEP file

I am trying to import a step file from either fusion360 or solidworks that includes a decal with the company logo and some text that is relevant to the part. I dont get to find a way for the decal to be imported, just the color of the part. Am I missing something, because every other tutorial I watch the parts are imported with all the text in it, like the arduino video on the website.
Thank you everyone!

Hello Arthur
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Is your decal file saved as a .obj and is it part of your model file?

One solution to your problem might be to load your text into the Jig as a .PNG image.

This image object will automatically loaded in at the correct resolution for your text to look right.
It can also be moved around your scene as a normal object. If your image has no background colour (the background behind text is usually white) then when you add some transparency it looks as though your text is floating freely in your scene.

I have created a quick video bellow showing how I brought in some text and a logo as an image.

Please let us know if this helps and feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.

Best Regards
Laura :grin: