Importing Colored Models

I don’t see a way to do this but I wanted to check before giving up. I have a fairly large 3D model in Blender that I’d like to import into Jig but color has already been applied in Blender. Even using OBJ files I can’t maintain the original material colors, it all comes over grey. I could live with different texture (it’s a 3D model of a hierarchical structure) but colors are important and the model has thousands of nodes so re-applying color in Jig really isn’t an option.

Is the problem simply that no formats supported by Jig that can be output from Blender will support material colors? Or is there a way to do it that I’m missing?

Hi Dave,

We don’t currently support importing materials. It is something we are regularly discussing internally however.

You could create a generated unwrap and make a texture map - which can be added to your object using our custom texture import.

Happy to have a longer chat, via our customer support channel, to see if there is something else we can try.