Import a robot - rotate around joints instead of centre of gravity

Is it possible to import a robot with all the individual joints and then rotate around those points instead of the center of gravity of each leg, rotate around the point where each leg is connected to the next leg

Hi @ADLADL welcome to the Jig Community.

It sounds like you are looking to customise the pivot point, which is something the Jig underlying Jig format already supports, but the public Jig Workshop tools do not. This is on our roadmap for all users to be able to use, in combination with other features like parenting of objects, so more complex movement can be achieved in things like limbs, robotic arms, etc.

We expect this will be made available to users in the April - June quarter of 2021 currently, so stay tuned to our email updates or come back to the community regularly to see updates.

We can assist you with adding custom pivot points to a Jig in the meantime, if you get in touch with us at