I'm making a jig :P

Here’s my cool Jig everyone!
One of my friends showed me the app, and I’ve been playing around with it
I’m about half way through a presentation on how light and colour work, but I’m having a bit of difficulty on the last step with my text boxes. There are so many they seem to dance around each other.


Hi Nicola, welcome to the forums! great to have you here.

That IS a cool Jig so far! Nice work.
You’re right, you do have few labels on step 8. Maybe you could splitting step 8 up into two steps. One step for the Xray and Ultra Violet and one step for the bottom Labels.

I noticed you’re using custom models, did you have any trouble importing them?

I’m trying to make one on sound waves, how did you do the red and blue wave thingy? couldn’t find it in the app

Yes they are my own models. I’ve been trying out the import option because I needed some specific ones.
Here if you want to use them this link should let you download them :smiley:

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Oh right didn’t realise you could load your own stuff!
Yep that worked, thanks for sharing!

I built a bit more of my Jig on the weekend. I noticed you only had a Monarch Butterfly, but I was able to import my own wings and make your ones transparent so now it looks like a Bluebottle Butterfly.

Heres a link:

Hello Nicola
I just took a look at your jig and I love how you’ve used the butterfly model with your own wings, great work!

I love it. Great job, Nicola

I think I’m just about finished.
It was a lot of fun trying this out, I’ve been showing it to my niece and she thinks its really cool.
Here’s the final link :wink:

Enjoy! :grin:

Amazing! This is one of the most educational jigs I’ve ever seen! I love it!

Nice jig guys just wondering I am a learner too was wondering if anyone could give me some tips thanks
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Wow amazing i like it so much great job