I’ve got a jig!

It’s a bunch of body models that you can look at.

Here’s the link: https://link.jig.space/LDunEJrrJ1

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Dude ur body jigs cool
I think u should have made another one that is a zombie :zombie:‍♂ that would have been cool but overall nice jig
I am new can anyone give me some tips
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Sorry signature comes out funny don’t know why

That’s very nice of you to say! I would do a zombie one but I don’t know how to make custom models. Tips: personally, I feel to just go with the flow when I’m making jigs. (I actually need some tips of my own) if you really want tips then make a subject about tips.

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I don’t know how to? And I am at school. Have to go srry

Bye minecraftemery9 talk later


Very funny welcome to jig space