How to use transparency to explore inside 3D models

Making objects transparent in a Jig is a powerful way to explore hidden internal components of a 3D model.

To make an object transparent, tap the Colour :toolbar_colour: button on the toolbar and then tap the colour option.

Here you can drag down the transparency slider on the right, allowing you to achieve different levels of transparency. In order to make an object completely transparent, you can tap on the Visible :visible: icon and the object will become invisible.

If you want to make an object opaque, simply tap on the Invisible :invisible: icon again and it will become visible.

This transparency feature can be used for making things semi transparent to help you discuss internal components while staying conscious of its place in the machine.

Transparency can also be great for smoothing out the transitions of your Jig presentation,
allowing you to fade out an object as you bring in the new focus on your next Step.

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