How to present Jigs in offline mode

Offline mode enables you to store your Jigs on your device so you don’t need to be connected to the internet to view them. This is great for when you’re in remote areas, basements, hospitals or at a trade show with unreliable internet.

Offline mode is a Pro Feature and requires a Jig Workshop Pro subscription.

Enabling offline mode

Starting in the main menu. Tap on the Jig you’d like to enable offline mode for and then click on the :menu_jigsettings: .

In the bottom left corner of the new window you’ll notice a toggle for ‘Available offline’.

As soon as the toggle is tapped, the Jig will be downloaded to your device. You’ll notice there is now a new icon on your Jigs thumbnail :offline_mode: .

Note: Once offline mode is activated and you’re not connected to the internet. You can make small edits which can be viewed in AR but they won’t be saved once you leave the Jig.

Disable offline mode

To disable offline mode, return to the same panel location and tap on the ‘Available offline’ toggle.