How safe is our data?

We would like to begin by saying we respect your privacy and take significant efforts to protect all your data. We would never do anything with your data that we wouldn’t be proud to tell the world about.

We take great pride that you trust us for your work, and take the responsibility to serve you seriously.

Below is an overview of some of our security practices. As you continue to learn more about JigSpace and Jig Workshop we recommend you also review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

User Data

JigSpace utilises Auth0 infrastructure to apply industry best practices for storing user credentials: they are never stored in plain text, and all passwords are hashed and salted using the bcrypt algorithm, a state-of-the-art algorithm designed to prevent brute-force attacks even in case of a breach.

Furthermore, Auth0 implementation of TLS has received an “A+” score in Qualsys’ SSL Labs SSL Server test.

Auth0 implement proactive security measures such as password breach detection, using a huge database of leaked passwords, and brute-force attack detection. Automated rate-limiting checks and denial of service mitigation procedures are also in place.

Learn more about Auth0 security.

Data Transfer

All data exchanged with JigSpace apps and our services is always transmitted over TLS.


Our engineering team at JigSpace are constantly monitoring our infrastructure and services to minimise any downtime and maximise the performance of our applications for you. All actions taken on production consoles are logged.

Operational Security

JigSpace enables permission levels to be set for any employees with access to Jig Workshop. No JigSpace employees ever access a customer’s files unless required to for support reasons, with permission from the customer.

Payment / Credit Cards

JigSpace does not store any of your credit card information on our servers. All payment processing is handled by Stripe.