Hill’s Criteria for causation ‘link.jig.space/zijQmg3tR4’

This jig will enable me to teach one of the fundamental concepts in research to my students of medicine. It is called ‘Hill’s criteria for causation’. Some of these concepts might prevent us from making false associations between a cause and an effect even in our day to day activities.
Well, the jig itself might not be self explanatory. If curious, go through this concept on Wikipedia and you might understand the jig better.
Happy jigging everyone :blush:

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Link is a little troubling
Could you put it in the text, and not the title, that might just make it to where everyone can see the jig

Camaro’s right about the placement. Achalshetty it will be easier for us to check out your jig if the link isn’t in the title of your message. It sounds amazing, the subject is such an interesting choice for a Jig :smiley:

Copy/pasted the link here so everyone can access it. Hope you don’t mind @achalshetty!! :slight_smile:


@greenlig : thanks a lot
@Laura @Camaro : cant edit the original post… sorry. Can you tell me how to and i am not kidding :grimacing:

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