Greetings from the Jig content team

Hi! Pete here, from the Jigspace content team. We’ve been making Jigs for a number of years now for the Jigspace app and are happy to finally share our tools so you can build your own Jigs. It’s been a few weeks since the launch of the Jig Workshop, the team here are overjoyed with all the Jigs the community has already created and shared. Keep up the great work!

We are still in the early days of our release and have many new features and content packs planned but! We’d love your help in shaping the future of the Jig Workshop. Take a moment to think about what knowledge you’d like to share and then what types of objects you’ll need to make your Jig a reality.

Post your object (or list of objects) below or contact the team through the Jig Workshop app. We’re here to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

[From JustinGBen]
Will you be looking at creating anchors of some kind which will active a Jig? E.g. scanning of a QR code within the JigSpace app and the relevant Jig Appears.

Hi Justin, great to have you here! The team has spoken a number of times about using some form of anchor with the workshop but we haven’t had enough of a demand for it, so it has been pushed back and the moment. If we added this feature in, what would you use it for?

[From JustinGBen]
Hi Pete, I am thinking of using it in a similar way that google expeditions activates their AR objects. That way students don’t need to navigate and find the JIGS but could rather quickly scan an object. That being said, I really do like the ability to overlay the Jigs anywhere with a flat surface.

The advantage of the anchor - being a quicker way for students to get to the JIG

That’s great Justin. We have it on the road map so we will be adding it once more of the key features are live. I’ll touch base with you once it is implemented. Make sure you check out the new version of the Jig Workshop released today. You can now import your own 3D models!

Hello from Raleigh, NC! Any progress on a QR code anchor?! I have just moved from design-build to exhibit installation design at the NCMOH and I’m looking for a way to use JigSpace to supplement exhibits and artifacts. Visitors might scan a QR code on a case and would be prompted to point the “Tap to place your Jig” at a specific spot on or in the case. Then the jig would interact with the artifact’s backstory, science, etc. I’m also looking at accessibility as far as audio for the blind, text and audio in different Spanish etc. Also, I do all my 3D design in Sketchup. Can you import objects to JigWorkshop from Sketchup? Thanks for an amazing product!!

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Hi Bryan, thanks complement and the questions. We emailed you about this but I’m going to share some of the information here that other community members might find useful.

Anchoring to a QR Code is currently not available but is on our roadmap. Working around this, you can generate a link inside Jig Workshop with the ‘Share’ button and then use a website like to generate a QR code, linked to the Jig.

Once the QR code is scanned the Jig will open up.

We understand this is not a full solution at the moment but we’ll be in contact once this feature is available.

Sound falls under the same category at the moment, functional inside jigs but there is currently no way for our community to upload their own sounds files at the moment.

Regarding Sketchup, I’ve run a few tests where I exported out an .obj file and import it straight into Jig Workshop. The different sub objects could then be coloured and animated over steps.