Desktop/laptop computer version of JigSpace for Mac

I’m a 3D designer for a large industrial engineering firm and have been trying out Jig Workshop for prototyping with the engineering guys and product demos for our marketing team. It’s super easy to use and build little presentations in…

BUT it is a touch inefficient to use at the same time with my existing tools which I use on my Mac (Blender, Meshlab, Adobe CC) not to mention Apple file system on ipad isn’t my favourite.

Are you considering, would you consider, making Jig Workshop available on Mac like a desktop app from the Mac appstore in the future?

Benefits for me: bigger screen, more memory on my Mac, use my mouse, and faster OBJ uploads.


Hi there @Sonic-Master

This is something we are asked very often and we’re busy getting it ready to release.

Using Jig Workshop on a Desktop computer will be a Jig Workshop Pro feature (which has a monthly subscription).

Would you like to get early-access?

Enter your email here - and you will be first in line next month.

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Thankyou for the reply.

I have requested an invite from the link you shared, and look forward to trialing the Pro features.



A reminder to any other Workshop users here who want to get in line early for the desktop version - register your interest here :point_down:

You can now sign up for an instant 14 day free trial of the desktop app for MacOS or Windows.

More details, pricing, etc here:


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Is the a version that will run on Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)??

Hi Rod

Jig Workshop on desktop should work fine on El Capitan.

Have you tried yet or had issues? If so, what version of 10.11. are you on?

Latest is 10.11.6 which updated in 2018.