Customised app branding

Hi all, i purchased pro app and want to know how i can customise the app branding?
i dont want QR-Code is with Jigg Logo

all the best

Hi Desprinzla

In order to change the branding on your Jig account you will need to visit the Jig Dashboard

Log into your account at the above website and I believe you should be able to access some of our more advanced tools. If you select my team from the categories, you should be able to upload new Logo.

However updating your app branding wont make any changes to the QR code.
We have the Jig logo in the center of the QR codes so that users recognize that they will be loading into a 3D Jig experience.

I understand that this might be a feature you’d like to request and I’ve forwarded it on to our team.

In the meantime you can edit the center QR code with any photo editing software, like photoshop or Gimp to remove or change the central logo.
(Just don’t edit the square pattern out side the central box or it will break the link)

If you need further help, please reach out. :slight_smile: