Contributing Jigs

Thanks! My intended purpose for these are:

• Allow users to place a virtual computer in AR
• Provide a rough illustration on how to disassemble the computer
• Educate people on what these computers are and what their primary components are
• General encyclopedia entry

One of my goals was to allow people to easily see how the computers are disassembled and what their primary components are. As a technician on these older systems I wanted to make sure that these virtual computers were disassembled properly in the models. I’m hopping to produce many more of these vintage computing Jigs in the near future. I have some fun things in the works that I think y’all will enjoy.

For fun I found a free model of the 2007 movie Optimus Prime and I imported it into Jig Workshop, scaled it up to scale, and put a basic color scheme on it. It’s fun to see him to scale in AR.

A few years ago when ARKit was new I aggregated a bunch of 3D models and created four AR Museum apps on the App Store. I have since pulled my 30 apps from the App Store for personal reasons but I am hoping to migrate all those models into Jigs. I had an AR Car Museum, Computer Museum, Train Museum, and Airplane Museum. Users could place one of these vehicles to scale in AR space. It was so cool to be able to walk around a Model T vehicle. They unfortunately never took off. I think that’s why I like your service so much because it builds off what I was trying to do, have a museum in my pocket. The train models were MASSIVE. When testing my software I had to go find an open field so I could place them to scale. As a huge train fan I loved being able to walk around a full scale train model and see all the small details.

Here’s a model I’ve been working on of the 1903 Wright Flyer airplane. I have scaled it up to actual size!

I like that you’re rebuilding your museum, it sounds like a big but satisfying undertaking. I’m glad you’re doing it with JigSpace! We’ll be releasing our “Spaces” feature in a coming update, which is basically your own dedicated Jig library that others can access. Kind of like a channel on YouTube. It’ll mean you can create and host your entire museum there, and people can come visit. Thoughts?

The Wright Flyer is very cool. We considered making a Jig about that several years ago, you’ve beaten us to the punch!

I look forward to your Spaces service. It’ll be great to see a vast community catalog of Jigs!

YB-49 Flying Wing:


Those are cool. I have an old Sopwith Camel Jig I worked on ages ago, a whole air museum Space would be awesome!