Contributing Jigs


I would like to contribute Jigs to JigSpace. How would I go about doing this?

Here is a Jig I made of the Apple I Computer.

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I have now completed Jigs for:

Apple Lisa 1

Apple Lisa 2

For fun I also completed:


Apple II:

Woah these are awesome!!! How long did it take you to make them? We’re setting up something called “Spaces” soon, which will be like your YouTube channel. People be able to show off their creations in the JigSpace app.

In the meantime, would you mind if I share them on social media?

Sure go right ahead! All I ask is that you please not mention my name or username. When I first downloaded the JigSpace app I immediately fell in love with the idea of having an AR encyclopedia. When I saw some of the older inventions in the gallery I felt it was appropriate to create some Jigs featuring some of my favorite inventions. I had these 3D models stored away from a previous project so I spent the weekend retooling them to work in the Jig Workshop. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help as I really believe that your application/service is very special.

No worries, happy to keep your name off it. Would you mind if I say “one of our community members”? It’s impressive what you’ve done. It’d be amazing if we could go inside the machines and see what’s under the cover! Any plans on what to make next?

Sure that works for me. Yes I agree it would be great to virtually disassemble the computers. My end game is to have detailed instructions on how to disassemble the computers. Since it will take me a bit of time to finish the inside models, for the time being I thought it would be good to get these out for people to enjoy. I am also working on the Apple III. Unlike the others, I don’t have an Apple III so it’s taking me a bit of time finding specific angles of the Apple III for modeling.

Here is a work in progress of an original Macintosh that can be disassembled to show internal components.

Oh that’s so cool! Really like this. Do you model all the individual parts?

I am glad you like it! Yes I model all the different components. I decided to go with a more cartoon look instead of a more realistic style. I can always go back later and update them. I felt that the more cartoon styling fit in more with some of the other jigs. I am really happy how the Mac is turning out! I found a few errors that I’ll be working on ironing out. I cannot wait to start working on the Lisa as that’s my main area of focus. I am a huge Lisa enthusiast.

Here’s a rough draft of the Lisa 2. There are so many components of this model! @jigspace #welearnbetterin3D

Wow that’s awesome! How long did it take you to make this one?

Thanks! I have been working on this model for about a week now. That being said I didn’t really buckle down on it until a few nights ago. Now that I have it working, I am going to start populating the boards with chips. It’s going to be killer!

I’m also working on a full sized AR Steve Jobs. It’s extremely rough right now but it does show the direction I’m going in. My thought on it was it would be cool if people could the AR model to take a photo with Steve Jobs. I am also working on animating Steve so you can put him in different positions. It opens the idea in my head for creating other historical figures. How killer would it be for a teacher to place a historical figure in the classroom. Such as having Lincoln appear in the classroom to give the Gettysburg Address. Now that may be beyond my abilities but it is really fun to think!

It’s really cool to see the amount of work you’ve put in, definitely shows in the Jig. Looking forward to the end result!!

Full sized Steve?? Nice! What inspired you to do that Jig? I think you are spot on with the historical figures, we threw around a few ideas about that, but you’ve gone a step further and come up with the idea of taking pictures with them. Very cool. I’m sure we can work together to make some of these other historical figures a reality :wink:

Thanks! I had the idea when I saw an advertisement for a wax figure museum. I thought it would be a great use case of the technology to have a virtual museum of these historical figures. Then I had the idea of taking them a step further and have them come to life. I’m game to help out as much as I can.

Hi, I’m sure you have noticed a “slight” overflow of floating labels when viewing your Jigs in the JigSpace app :grin:
This bug has now been fixed and if you update your app everything should look similar to what you built in Jig Workshop. :+1:

Yes, thank you! I read that fix in the release notes. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong! I am glad everything is working as it should.

I am incredibly excited to say that my Lisa 2 Jig is finished! It now includes a full breakdown of the computer with detailed boards with steps that point out significant chips. There are 52 steps in this Jig! I will be working on modifying it for the Lisa 1 over the next few days.

It took me less time that’s I thought. My Apple Lisa 1 Jig is now complete! While the Lisa 1 Jig is identical to the Lisa 2 Jig, it has all the details that make it unique. With a whopping 56 steps it is a massive project.

With my Lisa 1 and Lisa 2 Jigs complete I have deleted the other Lisa Jigs I created as they are now outdated.

Wow that is awesome!! Heaps of detail! It looks really cool. How would you like people to use your Jigs? As a guide for pulling them apart, or a general 3D Wikipedia of the computer?

Impressive work, keep it up!