Changing user name

I think that everyone is or has the thought of changing their username, I want to but I have no idea.


Me to how to do change it

Ok first tip go into
Then if there is preferences then click it
Then change you name
Mine I changed to Camaro
Bye how long have you been a member of jig workshop
Sebastian, officially Camaro

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Scratch that
Click you dog icon and click preferences
You will know what to do from there

It doesn’t work I can only change my email not my username

I’ve made a GIF of the process. Let me know if it helps!!

I know what to do the only thing is that the little pencil next your guys names is not on mine.

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Hmmm, not sure why it isn’t working! I’ve sent you a private message @Taco-Lord :+1:

Um Zach we got a problem um my friend had to delete his jig to get the new stuff and when he went back on the jigs he made all deleted. Is this the only way. Do I have to delete my app so that I could get the new features and make me have to restart jig village.

Hey @Taco-Lord , it shouldn’t delete his jigs at all. To update you just need to go to the AppStore and tap the update button, no need to delete it first.

Ok it worked for me thank you