Can we add sound to our Jigs?

Hi, I wonder if it’s possible to add background sound to our jigs, similar to the coral reef one


Hi Alex, welcome to the community! Currently this is only something available to the JigSpace content team. We’ve been busy releasing Jig Workshop for iPhone so we haven’t had time to make features like sound available to everyone yet, but it’s on our list! Would love to hear more about the Jig you’re making and the sound you’d like to add.

:wave: Hi @alex15_terrones

I would love to pin this to the forum as a feature request.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that feature requests will be added, it helps us to better understand the background and hear from others who may have similar requests.

Can you give me an idea of the types of audio and functionality you would like to add to your Jig?


  1. Length
  2. Looping?
  3. One track for your whole Jig or different sound at each frame?
  4. Formats you think you would look to upload (mp3, wave, etc - ok if you don’t know)
  5. Type of audio (background/ambient audio like coral sea, motion special effects, royalty free music)

We would also love to hear from all other Jig users out there also thinking about this.

Feel free to reply below in the thread :point_down:



Head of Product @ JigSpace

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I think sound would be great for those of us teaching vocabulary pronunciation, whether for native speakers or second language learners. Perhaps TTS or user uploaded sound files would work for this?

Good suggestions @rhtakeuchi, we’ll look into it. Do you use Jigs often in the classroom? Can’t commit to fitting it into our development roadmap just yet, but the more we understand how you use it or want it to work, the easier it is to scope the task.