Can I create a 3D model using this Software + Camera?

Hello folks,

I’m wondering about the capabilities of this software professionally. If I wanted to create a 3D model of a certain item, currently I would need to take its measurements and physically draw it in Solidworks or something similar. A colleague suggested this software and said that it may be possible to use the camera on an IPAD and walk around the item you want to render in 3D. Then using this software, you can turn it into a rough model and export it for use in my other projects.

Does it have this capability?

Thank you.

Hi sdfmdt welcome to the community! You can use Jig Workshop to make 3D presentations which you can share and present live anywhere in the world! There are many apps out there, like ScandyPro, which can scan objects and export to .obj. You can then import your scanned .OBJ file into Jig Workshop. Check out this post on how to import custom models: Importing Custom 3D Models