Add or update your Jig's information

To add or update your Jig's information, simply tap on the **Information** *:menu_info:* icon on the side menu. Once this is open there are several options you can fill in.

Adding Titles and Tags

At the top you can add the Name/Title of the Jig. Simply tap and fill in the box using the keyboard.

Next you can add tags. Tap on the tags box and fill it in. Try to keep them as simple words (like the model name, model version, the department they’re for, its progress status (ie. (Drillrig,V3,Marketing,Complete)) will help make your Jig easier to find when using the search bar in the Jig menu.

Adding Descriptions

You can also add a description of what the Jig is about. This information will be visible when you tap on your Jig in the Jig Menu, so try to be detailed and clear about what the Jig is exploring.

Adding Thumbnails

To add a Thumbnail tap on the Thumbnail :menu_thumbnail: button. This will open up the Thumbnail menu. The Thumbnail is the image that will be displayed on the Jig Menu as a visual indication of what this Jig is about. For taking the thumbnail picture you might want to go through to the most visually interesting step. Feel free to tap on the screen to position and scale the camera’s view.

There are several choices for the background colour and you can change the backgrounds brightness using the slider to the left. We recommend that you choose a colour and brightness that contrast well with your scene so it’s easy to read visually.

When you are happy with the Thumbnail tap on the camera icon. This will capture the image of your thumbnail. Don’t forget to save the thumbnail by pressing ‘Save’ in the details panel. You can also save the Thumbnail by saving the Jig when quitting.