3D models with sub-objects

I’m searching for 3D models on sites like Turbosquid with sub-objects in them. So that I can import the model in JigSpace and use the sub-objects feature in my presentation.

How can I tell whether a 3D model has sub-objects in it? Is there a name for that property?

Can I tell by looking at the polygon count or mesh layers or the format type if the 3D model has sub-objects?

I’m new to 3D models and just getting started.

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Hi Satishgarla! Welcome to the Jig community.

Short answer is no but! you can tell if it’s easy to separate the objects prior to importing it into JigSpace. As an example, the gears on this page: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/rusted-mechanism-gear-3d-model-1402789 could be a singe object but you can clearly see the different parts aren’t connected to the other gears.

Later we’ll be looking into ways for you to split and merge objects you bring into JigSpace but currently this isn’t supported.

I’d recommend you try out Blender ( https://www.blender.org/download/ ) for this step at the moment, It’s 100% free.

  • In Blender, go to file > Import and then pick your file type you downloaded.
  • Once your model is in Blender you can click on the model, press TAB to go into Edit mode.
  • If your object is selected (the object will be slightly orange) click in a black space next to your object to deselect it (double tapping A also works).
  • With the object deselected, move your cursor over the part you want to separate, tap L to select it and then P to separate the selection.
  • Once you’re happy with the way the model is divided up for your Jig, export it out from the file menu as an OBJ.

Hope that helps you on your Jig journey!

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Thanks for the response. Will look into Blender.

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